Choices of material...

The Benefits of a Wood Storage Shed over Vinyl...


  • paint it any color you want, change it 5 6 years
  • A bit of shinier gloss
  • More color choice almost unlimiteds
  • Repaint itany color, any time
  • Usually about 10-15% less than vinyl
  • Easy to match the color to complement your house
  • You can select a stain to your exact liking.
  • Has a more rustic, traditional look to compliment your property

Vinyl Cottage

Our Classic Vinyl Cottage
Dimensions: 10 x 16
Siding: Clay
Shingle Color : Weathered Wood
Doors and Shutters: Red
Standard Classic Features
Steel 11 light doors painted optional red
Oversized Windows
9" Gable Overhangs
2 Gable Vents
Picture Frame Windows
Architectural Shingles

But Consider This...

  • needs repainted or restained every 5-7 years
  • Color could fade a little over time
  • Without the proper maintenance there could be some rotting over an extended period of time

Wood Quaker

Our Wood Quaker
Dimensions: 10 x 14
Wood Paint: Pearl
Shingle Color : Weathered Wood
Shudders: Red
2 Optional Gable Vents

The Benefits of a Vinyl Storage Shed over Wood...


  • maintenance free- no painting no staining,
  • Match the exterior of your home siding
  • All the soffit and facia is wrapped in aluminium, no wood showing
  • Never have to stain, seal and treat
  • Much smoother exterior No splinters!
  • easy to clean, either a hose it or power wash it down
  • The Vinyl material itself comes with a lifetime warrantee

But Consider This...

  • Doesn't give the choice of colors like wood does
  • Upon a closer look, you can tell it’s not wood
  • Slightly higher material cost (but you will probably break-even as you’ll have no expense with maintenance.)