Detached Storage Garages

1-car storage garage

Believe it or not, you can have a completely built, customized, car garage delivered right to your property.

Store you boat, your antique car, or keep your regular vehicle out of the rain and snow. Our garages are available in 1- car or 2-car models, both with side doors for easy access.

detached garage attic storage space
Some garage models have a loft for extra storage space.

Structural Details

Garages come standard with 12-inch on center floor joists for extra strength, 9 x 7 or 8 x 6' 6" garage doors (with or without glass), 3-foot wide single door, and 2 windows with shutters.


Available in sizes 10' x 12' up to 14' x 48'.

Contact Us About Our Garages

If you have questions, please call us at 717-442-9320 or click the link to the right to get a free quote.

12'x24' Cottage 1-Car Garage

Lite Gray Siding, White Trim, Black Architectural...

12'x24' Dutch Barn Garage

Style: Dutch Barn Garage
Material: Painted Wood...

10'x20' Cottage Garage

Great for a Lawn Mower!

12'x20' Classic Garden Garage

Lite Gray Siding, White Trim, Black Shingles, Black...

24'x24' Double Wide Garage

Style: Double Wide Garage
Material: Vinyl

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