Sometimes called a Victorian Style, our Dormer Sheds are the only style that features the third gable above the door. Because of the unique roof line, customizing our Dormer Shed can make an even stronger impression. Double doors on one side make it a snap to drive your lawn tractor in and out or use it as the perfect Play House for the kids and grandkids. Every Dormer shed includes 1 set of double doors, windows with shutters, 1 dormer with a diamond window and 3 feet wide steel door with arched glass. They are available in sizes 8 x 10 to 14 x 48.

10 x 16 Dormer Shed

Style: Dormer
Material:  Vinyl
Size:  10 x...

Style: Studio
Material:  DuraTemp
Size:  10...

Style: Studio Dormer
Material:  DuraTemp

12 x 24 Classic Garden Dormer Garage

Style: Classic Garden Dormer Garage

12 x 16 Vinyl Dormer Shed

Style: Dormer Material: Vinyl Size: 12 x 16 Color of...

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